Wednesday Note from Michael

The following email was sent from Michael after Wednesday night’s rehearsal. I’m sharing it here for quick and easy access to the tracks. You’ve got this, Carolers!

Hi Everyone!

If you’re receiving this email, it’s because you have a kid in Journey Carolers. Thank you all so very much for the work you’ve been putting in to get our Carolers prepped for performances in a few weeks. I know it adds a lot of extras to the families’ schedules and I want you all to know how much I appreciate the commitment you’ve all made to make this a memorable experience for your kids.
Over the next few weeks, a lot of announcements will be coming to you through the callboard. You should all have access to the callboard and be checking it regularly. Here is a link. Please bookmark it.
In our rehearsal today, I gave the students 5 songs to work on between now and our showcase next Monday, November 7th. It is essential that they come prepared on Monday to give a good performance. There has been some lack of practice the last few weeks, and I would encourage you as parents to please hold your kids accountable to the commitment they have made to this group.
Music and part tracks are available to them to be able to practice in the Google Drive (link here). If they would like a part track for a song and can’t find it in the drive, please email me and I will do my best to make one for them. I’m here as a resource and am happy to provide your kids with what they need to succeed, but I can’t read minds. If they need help, they need to ask for help.
Here are the songs in order of urgency that the students need to practice:

1. It’s About the Cross: Music and Part Tracks are in the drive. NEEDS A LOT OF WORK. Measures 25-36, 47-51, and 58-59 specifically need a lot work. Please focus here.
Also, please pay attention to the rhythm from measures 52 to the end. Practicing with part tracks will help immensely.
2. O Come all Ye Faithful: Tenors and Alto tracks uploaded to the drive. NEEDS WORK
3. Angels We Have Heard on High: Tenors and Alto tracks uploaded to the drive. NEEDS WORK
4. Joy to the World: Polish and lock in. ALMOST READY TO PERFORM

Again, I’m here to answer questions and to help in any way I (reasonably) can do so. The kids did a stellar job rehearsing Jingle Bell Rock this evening, which is a testament to what they can achieve when they practice intentionally. On Monday, I expect all of the showcase songs to be as polished and rehearsed as Jingle Bell Rock was today.
Michael McCormic
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