Theater Etiquette

Participating in a show is so fun!  Life-long friendships are formed and treasured memories are made.  It can be a lot of hard work though and requires focus and discipline in order to ensure a positive experience for everyone.  Below are our Theater Etiquette guidelines that we follow and expect our cast and crew to follow.


  • I will be on time for rehearsals (you may arrive 15 min. early to place pizza order)
  • I will take stage direction from my Artistic Team only, and won’t let comments or criticism from others change my work.
  • I will not gossip or talk badly about a fellow cast/crew member.
  • I will come ready to work or have a quiet activity.  Extra socializing could hurt the rehearsal process.
  • I will spend time outside of rehearsal working on my part in the show.
  • I will wait to be dismissed by the Director or Area Coordinator
  • I will help clean up after each rehearsal and take all of my belongings with me.


  • I will never miss a performance.
  • I will always perform to the best of my ability, no matter how big or small my role is.
  • I will not miss an entrance or make the show be late.
  • I will not allow patrons to see me in costume or make-up off-stage either before or during the show.  This will ruin the magic of theater.  (There is an optional Meet & Greet time after the show)
  • I will not alter lines, props, or costumes without permission from the Director.
  • I will not touch another actor’s props, and will treat all props and costumes with care.
  • I will not talk backstage, or watch the show from the wings as this is really distracting to actors on stage.  It also distracts the crew from being able to do their job well.
  • I will not break character onstage
  • I will not mouth another actor’s lines or solos.
  • I will do my best to pick up props, costume items, or scenery accidentally left on stage by other actors to help the show run smoothly.
  • I’ll make sure that I can’t be seen off-stage during the show.  I’ll be aware of “sight-lines” and respect the rules of backstage.
  • I will keep my space clean in the Green Room and will faithfully fulfill my cleaning duties.
  • I will not use perfume or other scents, and will wear deodorant.
  • I will take care of my mind and body by trying to stay healthy and getting plenty of rest.