Performance Calendar

Journey Carolers

This schedule is subject to *minor* changes or adjustments.

Parents should plan to drop off carolers and return at the anticipated ending time (which will be emailed with address details closer to the performances), unless event is indicated as Public (you may invite family and friends) or Parents okay to stay (parents may stay to watch when bringing their caroler).

Call time will be 15 minutes (per Michael’s request) prior to listed performance time in most cases. This time will be used for a short huddle and warm up. Specific information for each booking will be emailed to families the Sunday/Monday of each week.


Groups are divided as follows –

Group 1 – 

Sopranos: Addyson, Chloe, Judah, Sarah

Altos: Bailey, Edyn, Karina, Izayah

Tenors: Spencer, Eliana, Kenna

Bass: Trevin, Austin


Group 2 –

Sopranos: Lauren, Sophie, Isabella

Altos: Juliette, Peyton, Sadie, Bethany

Tenors: Katie, Rylie, Isabelle

Bass: Andrew, Liam


Saturday, December 3rd

3:30pm to 5:30pm – 14 Acres Winery Public (Whole Group)

*Excused – Liam, Bethany

CANCELLED 7pm – Literary Leftovers (Small Group: Bailey, Chloe, Addyson, Edyn, Spencer, Rylie, Andrew, Trevin)


Sunday, December 4th

2pm – Cogir at The Quarry Senior Living (Group 1) **Masks required/provided until on stage**

3:30pm – Neighborhood Performance, Camas (Group 1)


Friday, December 9th

6pm – Neighborhood Performance, Walnut Grove (Group 1 + Andrew)

*Excused – Austin


Saturday, December 10th

1:00pm – NW Gospel Church, East Vancouver Parents okay to stay (Whole Group)

*Excused – Rylie, Bethany, Isabella

3:30pm – Touchmark at Fairway Village (Small Group: Addyson, Sophie, Izayah, Sadie, Edyn, Peyton, Katie, Kenna, Spencer, Trevin, Andrew) **Masks required/provided**


Sunday, December 11th

5:00pm – Private Christmas Party, Yacolt Limited space for parents – 3 to 4 parents okay (Small Group: Sophie, Chloe, Lauren, Sadie, Bailey, Karina, Rylie, Spencer, Eliana, Trevin, Liam)


Wednesday, December 14th

5:30pm – Possible new location? Cogir of Vancouver Senior LivingLimited space for parents – 3 to 4 parents okay (Group 2)

*Excused – Andrew, Bethany

6:30pm (approx) – Chick-fil-A by Vancouver Mall, following Cogir of Vancouver Public (Group 2)


Thursday, December 15th

2pm – Cascade Inn Assisted Living Community Parents okay to stay, parking limited (Whole Group)

*Excused – Bethany, Sarah, Andrew, Isabella, Eliana, Julie, Isabelle, Peyton, Sadie, Sophie

7pm – Neighborhood Social, Salmon Creek (Whole Group)

*Excused – Austin, Liam, Sophie, Sarah, Julie, Peyton


Friday, December 16th

4pm – Springwood Landing Gracious Retirement Living (Whole Group)

*Excused – Bailey, Chloe, Sarah

7pm – Carolers Family Performance, Salmon Creek United Methodist Church Public (Whole Group)

*Excused – Sarah


Saturday, December 17th

11am – Runyan’s Jewelers, Camas Parents okay to stay (Group 1)

*Excused – Sarah

12:30pm (approx) – Chick-fil-A in East Vancouver, following Runyan’s Jewelers Public (Group 1)

2pm – Bonaventure of Salmon Creek Parents okay to stay (Group 2)

5pm – Neighborhood Performance, Brush Prairie/Orchards (Group 2)

*Excused – Isabella

8pm – Family Christmas Party, Orchards Parents will not be able to watch, but there will be a waiting area at the site (Whole Group)

*Excused – Sarah, Eliana, Karina, Isabella


Tuesday, December 20th

12:30pm – Brookdale Vancouver Stonebridge (Group 1)

*Excused – Austin


Wednesday, December 21st

12pm – Clearwater Springs Senior Living (Whole Group)

*Excused – Austin

2pm – Highgate Senior Living (Whole Group) **Masks required/provided**

*Excused – Austin


Thursday, December 22nd

1pm – Fort Vancouver Assisted Living (Whole Group)

*Excused – Rylie, Austin

7pm – Holiday House on Franklin Street Public (Whole Group)

*Excused – Rylie, Austin, Sophie