Rehearsal Parent Guidelines

Thank you for your willingness to help us supervise our JOURNEY actors and actresses today.  We hope you have a rewarding experience! The following are a list of duties we would like you to complete during rehearsal.

  • Arrive 10 minutes prior to rehearsal; introduce yourself to the Director.  If you will be taking pizza orders at rehearsal, please arrive 15 minutes prior to rehearsal.
  • Help us maintain a quiet rehearsal area.  If students are not actively rehearsing, they should have a quiet activity.  Please set a good example.

  • Be sure students are following site rules (including no gum, no electronics).

  • Help us keep the trash down by throwing away any trash you see.  If you are the last rehearsal parent of the day, please stay after for about 10 minutes and help reset the room, pick up trash and gather lost and found.

  • Please don’t make any general group announcements (for example, yelling out “be quiet”) or get involved in any way in the directing of the show.  You are there to support the efforts of the Artistic Team.

  • If you have any questions at all about allowable behavior, please contact the Show Coordinator (Audrey Miller, 360-903-4157).

  • You may be asked to run to pick up the pizza order for the rehearsal meal.

If needed, rehearsal parents for our show are listed below.  If you cannot make it to your scheduled rehearsal, contact your Show Coordinator asap; please do not arrange for another parent to take your place as the Show Coordinator must verify that all Rehearsal Parents have a valid background check.

Thank you!