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Hey everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! The first few Carolers performances are just a week away. Now that Shrek is over, it’s time for the final push to get our music polished for audiences. Below are a few details about how performances will go and what you all can do to prepare in the next few days. It’s a lot of information, but please read through all of it so we can all be on the same page.


Most of our music is ready to perform. A few songs still need some attention. Between now and Saturday, please review the following:
Go Tell it On the Mountain: 
  • Tenors and Altos are still having some difficulty with this one.
  • Basses can back off the volume just a bit.
  • Please all review measures 17 – 28
  • Please also review the ending
O Come All Ye Faithful
  • Pay attention to dynamics. Remember, we want to keep the audience’s attention and dynamic variation is a good way to keep music exciting.
  • We are still struggling with the key change. I will attempt to make part tracks this week.
  • We will not be doing the Latin verse. You’re welcome.
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  • This one is coming along really well.
  • Treat this song as a lullaby – most of it should hang out around mezzo piano, and never louder than mezzo forte.
  • Soloist — Please practice your solos until you can’t get it wrong. You should know your starting notes without needing to think about it. Also, remember not to rush. You have time, let the group follow you.
Silent Night
  • Work on your German.
White Christmas
  • Just to clarify, I’d like the words you’re all singing on the backing to be  “Doop Doop — Doop doo doom.” The last consonant on each one should be very gentle. This is just to help you keep the sound forward — most of the audience shouldn’t even be able to hear the “p” or the “m” at the end.
  • More confidence on the “ahhs”
  • Soloists, compare notes, help each other, and ask me for help when you need. I’ll be working on part tracks for these, too.
It’s About the Cross
  • Again, another one that is coming along well. I was pleased with how it sounded at dress rehearsal.
  • Please practice your transitions from verse to chorus and chorus to bridge
  • Overall, I think we can be more confident. Fake it if you have to, but I believe you guys can do this one well.
  • Polish up the ending.
I would encourage you all to continue helping one another along. For those who are able to, it may also be good for some of you to get together with one another and practice.


Call time
Call time for each performance will be 15 minutes before the start of the performance. Please arrive with hair, makeup, and costumes ready to perform. We will have a short circle-up time for the first 5 minutes to center our hearts and spend some time in prayer. I’ll lead a short devotional at the first performance and then I’ll be asking students to do the same for future circle-ups.
Parents are allowed to attend some performances. Please check the callboard to see which performances outside guests will be allowed to attend. For events where outside guests are not allowed, please plan to wait outside the event for your child. If possible, please prioritize bringing people to our free concert on Dec. 16th rather than other performances.
Parking will depend on the venue. We will try to communicate specific parking directions ahead of time. For those of you driving yourselves, please plan to have an umbrella in case you need to walk a short distance in the rain.
Scheduling Changes & Reminders
Audrey will be sending out a scheduling reminder at the start of each week for performances that week. We will not be adding any performances (except for maybe our TBD Chick-Fil-A gig), but any cancellations or time changes will be included in each email.
If for any reason you will be unable to attend a performance for which you are scheduled, it is very important that you let Audrey or myself know as soon as you can. Please take care of your voices and your bodies. There are some bad bugs going around right now.
Student Directors
There will be a student director at each performance. Addyson Finley will lead group 1 and the full group when all together. Andrew Rutherford will lead group 2 and the full group whenever Addyson is not present.
Student directors are responsible for setting the pitch, tempo, and ending of each song. Please make sure you are connecting with your student director before each song begins and ends.
I will try to be at as many performances as possible. However, most of this is now in all of your hands. Here’s a helpful diagram for learning how to conduct. Even if you aren’t conducting during the performance, it helps you as students to know what your director is doing.

Set List

Here is the standard order of songs for our performances. Please note that we may change the set for some specific performances. These changes will be announced on the callboard.
Songs marked with an asterisk (*) will only be performed at full group performances.
Go Tell It
O Come all Ye Faithful
Away in a Manger
Jingle Bell Rock
Joy to the World
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas*
O Come, O Come Emmanuel
Jingle Bells
Silent Night
Hark, the Herald
White Christmas
Angels We Have Heard
Deck the Halls
It’s About the Cross*
We Wish you a Merry Christmas
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