Note from Michael – Performances this Week

Hi Carolers!

First of all, I just want to tell you how proud I am of the incredible performances you all gave this weekend. Thank you for all your hard work and practice.

One of the things that occurred to me this weekend is that we haven’t had much discussion regarding how a performance group is different from being in a stage production. Most of you are used to being in shows where the performance is the same every time you do it. With a performance group like Carolers where we are traveling from place to place with a different audience, different venue, and different expectations at each show, it’s never the same performance twice. If you’re not used to it, it can feel a little overwhelming when plans change from performance to performance. One of the important skills I hope you are all learning as performers is how to think on your toes and adapt quickly to change as it is asked of you. However, in my conversations with a few of you this weekend, I realized I had not made it clear that there would be a lot of last-minute changes based on venues and expectations with our hosts. Sometimes, we’re asked to change things the day of our performance and we do our best to accommodate those requests within reason. So, thank you all for being flexible and adaptable as we learn these things together!
As a general note, please remember to slow down when talking if you have a speaking part in the performance. Be conversational and speak clearly — we have time to spare.
This week, we have 5 bookings. I will only be present for the final one at the Holiday House. The other ones I am trusting you all to handle on your own. Here is a tentative plan for how this week will go:
Tuesday, 12/20 at Brookdale (Group 1)
Full set in 2 blocks with speaking parts. Plan to break after “O Come O Come Emmanuel” and begin the second block with “Jingle Bells.” Remember to slow down your speaking parts!
 Wednesday, 12/21 at Clearwater Springs (Full Group)
Full set with speaking parts. Group 2 has solos/speaking.
Wednesday, 12/21 at Highgate (Full group)
2 Full sets with speaking parts. Group 1 will do the solos/speaking in the first in Memory Care. Group 2 will do the solos/speaking in the second set in the manor house.
Thursday, 12/22 Fort Vancouver (Whole Group)
1 full set with speaking parts. Group 1 will do solos/speaking.
Thursday, 12/22 Holiday House (Full Group)
2 Full Sets with Speaking parts. Group 1 will do solos/speaking for first set at 7. Group 2 will do solos/speaking for 2nd stet at 8.
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