Holiday House in the Cold!

As many of us watch the temperatures drop, we know there is some concern about our outdoor performance coming up at the Holiday House. There is not a space heater and carolers will be singing in the driveway. Jim, at the house, said that they will have a fire pit in the back for carolers to warm up between sets, though it will surely be a cold night. If we do follow through with this event, you are welcome to alter your costume to stay warm – i.e. leg warmers, gloves, warmer coats, warm hats, etc.

At this point, we have decided to make the Holiday House performances OPTIONAL. But….we ask that you please email Audrey by 12:00p to let us know if you will not be coming. If there are not enough carolers to perform, we will cancel. We hate to end our season with a cancellation, but want to do what is best and safest for everyone given the circumstances.

Thanks for your flexibility and we will see you at Fort Vancouver Assisted Living at 12:45p!

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