Dress Rehearsal Details!

While many of you are in the throes of tech week for Shrek, our Carolers dress rehearsal is less than a week away! We wanted to make sure you have the important details as we prepare for November 21st.

Rehearsal will be at US Digital. The schedule originally stated 6p-8:15p, but in the interest of getting in some extra practice, we would like to extend our time to 6p-9p. If you need to leave by 8:15, that is okay, but if you can stay until 9p, please do!

We would also like the following soloists to come at 5p, if possible. Again, this is not required, but if you can come we would love for you to be there. This time is for you!

Addyson, Rylie, Trevin, Andrew, Bailey, Katie, Sarah, and Austin


Costume Details

Please wear your costume pieces to our rehearsal and have your hair done as listed:

Black or Brown Boots

Guys – Black slacks and long sleeve white button up shirt, hair nicely combed or tied back if long

Girls – Long sleeve white button up shirt (and wear leggings or unders), hair curled, either down or half up, or in two braids

Our costume committee will be distributing costume pieces for you to wear during rehearsal and then you will be taking these pieces home. Please take good care of these items. Costume pieces from the warehouse must be returned to the costume committee at the end of our Carolers season. Details for that will be shared later.



Domino’s pizza will be for sale at rehearsal for $1.50 per slice. An order form will be posted on Friday.


For those of you in Shrek this week, break a leg!! We are so excited to see you shine on stage. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Monday!

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