Committee Descriptions

Journey Carolers

Booking Team: Reach out to booking requests and confirm details and payment for each scheduled event. Must work closely with each other and with the show coordinator and touring group director.


Costumes: Pulls, sews, alters, shops for, and/or borrows costumes for assigned cast members, completing assignments by Costume Parade. Also performs fittings, labels costumes, sorts, organizes, inventories, set-up/tear down as needed. Will also coordinate washing and returning of costumes to the warehouse.


Rehearsal Parents: Help to monitor students during rehearsal time. (See “Rehearsal Parent Guidelines.”)


Show Hosts: Will act as liason between students and event hosts. Will supervise students and help to ensure that the performance runs smoothly.


Cast Party Planning: Plan the end of session cast party! Work with the show coordinator to determine location, time, and date. Plan and prepare food and atmosphere for the event.