Glossary of Terms

You watch your Phrase-ology!

Artistic Team – Group of directors for the show, usually consisting of a Director, Music Director and Choreographer.
Auditions – The act of singing one minute of a prepared song in front of the Artistic Team to try and get a part in the show. Audition songs must be instrumental accompaniment only and 1 minute in length. Songs from musicals are preferred.
Callbacks – The day after auditions when students are asked to come back so that the Artistic Team can evaluate them more thoroughly. If a student is not on the Callback list, it does not necessarily mean that they were cut. Likewise, if a student is on the Callback list, it is not a guarantee of getting a part.
Costume Parade – Pre-planned extra time after a rehearsal where cast members try on costumes for the artistic team to approve or suggest changes to the Costume Committee. This is not a public parade for parents to view.
Director’s Event – An event organized by the director at a time and location to be decided after the show run. Event is for any cast or crew member who sells 20 or more tickets (for a one weekend show) or 30 or more tickets (for a two weekend show).
Dress Rehearsal – Rehearsals in the theater that are leading up to performances. These rehearsals are mandatory for all cast and crew and some parent committee members. Cast member are to come with their hair done and will change into costume and make-up at the

Journey Points – Points earned through ticket sales that can be used toward tuition, production fees, tickets, and Parent Passes.

Move-in – The day that all cast, crew and parents working on a production committee, move into the theater. This is the start of dress rehearsal week.
Opening Night – The first performance on Friday night.
Parent Pass – An optional multi ticket that can be purchased for $25. This allows a parent (or immediate family member) one prime assigned seat for Opening Night as well as the chance to be seated for other shows if seats are available.
Show Box – Clear plastic box with attached lid that all cast members will need to purchase in order to keep all of their make-up, street clothes and other items in during dress rehearsals and performances.
Showcase – Final public performance after the 10 week class session. This is free and is completely separate from the show.
Sitzprobe – A music rehearsal with the orchestra/band so the musicians can become familiar with the actors and the actors can hear the live music.
Strike the Set – Tearing down the set immediately after the final performance of the show. All parents are needed so that it can be done quickly and we can all move on to the Strike Party!
Strike Party – Party immediately following “Strike” at a predetermined location. Parents and family members are welcome to attend. Prepaid meals will be served but participants are free to bring their own food instead. A time for awards and celebration of a successful show run.