Audition Feedback Guidelines

Because we are an educational theater company, we want to be able to offer constructive feedback from the audition experience so that students can continue to grow in their skills. Auditioning for a show is a vulnerable process; students often spend lots of time preparing and planning for the opportunity to showcase their best in […]

Cast and Crew

Harold Hill Larry Taylor Marian Paroo Erica Beck Mrs. Paroo Jemme Rinard Winthrop Paroo Izayah Finley Mayor Shinn Steve Erickson Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn Loralie Ahola Zaneeta Shinn Jadyn Ring Gracie Shinn Ava Tillitson Ewart Dunlop (Quartet) Chris Pocock Maud Dunlop Alexandra Bartos-O’Neill Oliver Hix (Quartet) Jeffrey McHenry Alma Hix Jeanna Reed Jacey Squires (Quartet) Tyler […]