Casting and Cut Guidelines

Journey Theater is a non-profit organization that values providing opportunities for

students to learn and grow through the theater arts performance experience. Because of this core

value, we ask our Artistic Team members to consider all auditioners fairly, consistently, and look

for ways to incorporate as many kids as possible into the production.


Below are considerations that could cause a student to be “cut” from a production:


  • Each of our venues can only safely accommodate a certain number of cast and crew.
  • Student is unable to demonstrate a complete audition. This may include the student

needing to leave the stage, needing to start their audition over, or not showing 


  • Student demonstrates difficulty in maintaining behavior standards either in Journey

classes or at  auditions or callbacks. This includes inappropriate audience

participation at open auditions (talking during other’s auditions) and unfocused behavior at 


  • The students’ parents have not demonstrated positive contribution to past committee


  • The student’s conflicts impact their ability to be a part of the show.


We want all Journey families to have a successful and positive show experience. Therefore, it is

important for us to follow these guidelines for the fair consideration and safety of all involved.


Students are judged on their own audition and callback.   Students are not cast or cut based on their sibling being cast or cut, or because their parent is a part of the show staff.